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The heart of our business is built on innovation, the pursuit of potential and working with our clients to deliver on their definition of success to achieve great outcomes for their business.

Here at ABA Legal Group we are inspired by growth and believe that the most rewarding act of service we can offer is to play a role in the success story of others.

In recent months, our team have been working hard behind the scenes so that we can share with you today one of our very own success stories.

After significant growth since the service offerings inception, today we launch a new look, a new website and bold new personality – ABA Bioscience Consulting. Through our Bioscience Consulting service offering we are confident that our talented team of global specialists can offer end-to-end International Business Support Solutions to businesses looking to expand their Bioscience business and/or clinical trials into Australia.

Not a new, but a better, specialised service offering within ABA Legal Group, our talented global specialists act as our client’s Virtual Australian Team – guiding international businesses through the complexities of expanding their International Bioscience business and operations to a new jurisdiction.

In Australia, we are very fortunate to have a public health system that promotes innovation by encouraging the development of new vaccines, drugs, devices and treatments. We also possess a strong regulatory framework that supports clinical trials and other clinical and manufacturing activities.

“We saw there was a real opportunity to support international business from Australia whilst simultaneously helping to improve biomedical discoveries.”

Our Bioscience Consulting service offering has evolved considerably over the past few years giving rise to a requirement for a Bioscience specific brand, website and team of specialists with education and experience in the Biosciences, as an extension of ABA Legal Group.

Our talented specialists are comprised of global tax, legal, R&D tax incentive, governance and operational professionals who can assist businesses with establishing a presence, tax & legal structuring considerations, implementation including but not limited to the preparation of all legal agreements, corporate governance and claiming the Australian R&D Tax Incentive and other Government Grants.

ABA Bioscience Consulting has created a service offering that takes the guesswork out of expanding to a new jurisdiction, allowing clients to focus on what matters most… the science, all while knowing we are working towards achieving a great outcome for your business.


Co-written by Jess Stevenson.

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