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Innovation Through the Ages

Innovation Through the Ages

“What is now proved was once only imagined.”

It would be widely agreed that the concept of war is nothing but senseless destruction, and nothing could be more true for the valiant soldiers that defended our nation on the shores of Gallipoli, as part of our maiden engagement in the first world war. For this selfless contribution, our Nation will be eternally grateful.

While these dark times in our history were filled with horrific atrocities, the concept of ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’ was proven truer than ever. In fact, some of the technologies that were created out of necessity and pure survival spawned entire industries in the years that followed, and some are still in use today.

(Source: theconversation.com)

When we look back, we saw huge advancements in weaponry, sanitation, we even saw the first version of a pilotless drone. All of this innovative thinking was driven by the need to survive, and the endless pursuit to advance the human race out of the battlefield and into industry. One such piece of technology that came out of this time was the very first mobile X-Ray machine. With millions of soldiers suffering grievous, life threatening injuries, there was a huge need for a weapon of medical diagnostics. Now known as the X-ray – however the main issue with these machines was they were incredibly large and too delicate to move. Enter Marie Curie, who set to work creating mobile X-ray stations. Marie installed these compact machines into cars, affectionately termed ‘Little Curies’ that toured the front line. It was this thinking that led to American Inventor Fredrick Jones to develop an even smaller portable X-ray machine, which is a far closer resemblance to what we use today. Jones also went on to invent the first refrigeration units, air conditioning units, and the self-starting gasoline lawnmower.


While the recent landscape is nothing like what our brave soldiers faced, we have seen a similar mindset take place in light of the recent pandemic. Our drive to turn something negative into a positive idea, or to create a solution that will ultimately improve how we live in the future, has been evident over these past 12 months.

So maybe this is our challenge, what can we learn from the brave men and women that served their countries, and innovated in the most extreme of circumstances to ultimately advance the way we live today? And what are the challenges in our world that are blanketing a solution that will one day change the way we live in the future?

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