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Step into a new way of thinking at ABA Legal Group.

A candid shot of several ABA employees during a brainstorm session on our rooftop balcony space

ABA Legal Group is always on the hunt for experienced tax and legal specialists who are looking to grow within a unique team environment, who like doing things differently, who think holistically and who value a strong work culture.

Team and culture is a critical part of who we are as a business. We know it is our people that make us different from any other law firm in the country, and we work hard to protect this culture for ourselves and for our clients.

If you are looking to step out of the traditional corporate environment and into a team that values out of the box thinking, collaboration and culture, send through a resume and detail why you think you would be the perfect fit for ABA.

What is it like working for us?

If you are passionate about your legal or consulting career but want to engage in more out of the box thinking, coming to work at ABA will provide an environment and culture that will challenge you to grow, develop and ultimately step into your own potential. We value your input, your individuality and your unique perspectives.

Growth programs

We work hard to retain our talent and are dedicated to providing plenty of opportunities to grow with us.

Work-life balance

We do our best work when we are looking after ourselves, which is why we value a healthy work-life balance.

Unique culture

We are proud of the culture we have created and use it to direct all aspects of what we do.

A candid shot of our office space

What our people say

“ABA offers a warm and friendly working environment that allows me to balance work and life. I get to work with interesting clients and deal with complex areas of law on daily basis, all while being based on the Gold Coast. It’s the best of both worlds!”
Kurt Fechner, Associate
“Working at ABA is like having a second family, where our leaders support and guide us to reach our potential. ABA exposes me to a wide variety of domestic and international clients and transactions, this pushes me each day to continue learning complex areas of the law and keeps work very interesting!”
Ally Evans, Solicitor

Take the leap – your next career move is waiting for you.