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How to set up the R&D Tax Incentive Customer Portal

Setting up your R&D Tax Incentive Customer portal can be a little complicated. If you’ve never registered your business through the R&DTI Portal or you have previously registered your business and need to update your authorisations, we have created a step-by-step guide to walk you through either process!

I’ve never registered my business through the R&DTI Portal

As a principal authority of a company, you must first link your myGovID to the company’s ABN.  You must do this before you can authorise access to the customer portal for yourself or anyone else.

If this has not been done for your business before, you can do this yourself as a principal authority:

        1. Set up your myGovID, if you haven’t already done so. You’ll need a myGovID to log in to ATO’s Relationship Authorisation Manager later. Click here to learn how to set up your myGovID.

        2. Contact the ATO to link your myGovID to your company’s ABN. Click here to find out how to link your business.

        3. Log in to Relationship Authorisation Manager Help and authorise yourself to act on behalf of your business in the R&DTI customer portal.

You can find additional help and support on the Relationship Authorisation Manager help page including contact details.

I have previously registered my business but I need to provide ABA Legal Group with Authorisation

The principal authority or authorisation administrator of your company can authorise access to a tax agency or R&D consultancy by using the Manage access option in the R&DTI customer portal.

        1. Login to the R&DTI customer portal.

        2. Click the ‘Manage access’ option on the ‘Manage your applications’ dashboard.

        3. Click ‘Add new authorisation’ on the ‘Manage Access’ screen, under the ‘Business authorisations’ heading.

        4. Enter ABA Legal Group’s ABN 64 653 931 705 into the field and press search.

        5. Select ‘Tax professional’ as the relationship.

        6. Enter the start and end dates for the authorisation period. Note the start date can’t be back dated. We recommend that you authorise for the maximum period.

        7. Click ‘Add authorisation’.

        8. Inform ABA Legal Group or your R&D consultant they can now log in to the R&DTI customer portal.

If no one else has been linked to your company before, the principal authority will need to get portal access first.

Need Assistance?

We understand that this process can be challenging – we are happy to support if needed and can walk you through the setup process and any challenges you are facing.

For further assistance, please contact your current ABA R&D Consultant directly or click here

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