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ABA x LIVIN: It Ain’t Weak to Speak

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ABA x LIVIN: It Ain’t Weak to Speak

Mental Health is No Joke 

Though today is April Fool’s, the mental health crisis is no laughing matter. In fact, statistics show us that in recent times, mental health is having a huge societal and economic impact, and this has only been on the rise since COVID 19 took hold. In the last 12 months, 1 in 5 employees within the corporate sector alone have admitted that the pressures of uncertainty in the workplace, the increasing expectation to operate remotely and the general feeling of isolation has equated to needing more time off work, or sought out some kind of professional help.

In recognition of these alarming stats, we at ABA thought we would get proactive and educate ourselves on how to better manage mental health within the workplace. The aim is to give our team access to resources and education to help manage it.

We were honoured to have mental health advocacy organisation Livin, in-house at ABA headquarters to share with our team the importance of mental health – at home and in the workplace. The Livin story is one that is worth hearing, and to see two people who lost a dear friend to suicide dedicate their lives to saving others, is inspiring.

Their story sets a challenge for all of us, that we need to look up, to the left and to the right, and ask if our peers and colleagues are ok? It’s this recognition that we are all struggling with something in some capacity that connects us and can help reduce the feeling of isolation.

As corporations, small business owners, and individuals, let’s take up the challenge to be there for our colleagues. Oftentimes, these are the people in our world we spend the most amount of time with. So, let’s look up and look out for each other – and as the Livin guys say ‘it aint weak to speak.’

Visit the Livin website here for more information.


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