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Leading lawyer proud to champion mental health

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Leading lawyer proud to champion mental health

ABA Legal Group is proud to announce that one of our leadership team has been appointed to the board of leading Gold Coast headquartered mental health charity LIVIN.

Senior Associate Tammi McDermott is joining LIVIN to assist with corporate governance and strategy, bringing over 15 years of experience to the position.

She has significant expertise in corporate strategy as her career journey has seen her work within the country’s leading top-tier legal firms, and act as in-house corporate counsel for a private equity firm, alongside her experience as a startup founder.

According to Tammi, her wish to work with LIVIN is driven by a personal desire to promote mental well-being within the community and she is grateful for the opportunity to assist the organisation with its mission.

“This is an incredible opportunity to become part of an organisation whose mission to support people experiencing mental health issues is a personal passion of mine and I am thankful to the entire organisation for the privilege of being appointed to their board,” said Mrs McDermott.

“One in five people will suffer mental illness every year and LIVIN’s work in supporting them to ensure they do not do this in silence resonates with me as I understand how this can impact you. I am so proud to be part of this organisation as it seeks to break the stigma of mental health and deliver potentially life-saving support to people across the country.”


ABA Legal Group is a business specialising in Tax, Corporate, and Commercial Law with a particular focus on international taxation, the R&D Tax Incentive, corporate advisory, and governance.

The founding ethos of the business is grounded in aiding companies in achieving their growth by thinking strategically and we have recruited a highly diverse team in terms of backgrounds, technical and legal disciplines, and industries to achieve this goal.

For ABA Legal Group Founder and Director Andrew Antonopoulos, Tammi’s appointment aligns with one of the core values of the business – uncovering your potential.

“I am beyond proud that one of our team is joining an organisation whose work is so vital in supporting at-risk youth and community members at critical times,” Mr Antonopoulos said.

“Tammi’s decision to join LIVIN is fully supported by the entire team at ABA Legal Group and on RU Ok Day? today, it is critical that we repeat the LIVIN mantra, of ‘it ain’t weak to speak’. Mental health particularly in the workplace requires as much attention as possible, that’s why we support LIVIN in its mission to reach as many people as possible through its LIVINWell In School and LIVINWell In Work programs and provide them the help they require during times of need.”


Tammi’s mental health tip:

Take the time, every day, to do something that helps you to centre yourself. If that’s waking up at 5.30 am to write down the things to be grateful for before your children wake up, walking your dog, or sitting in the sun for ten minutes in your lunch break – make a conscious effort to do one thing every day that recharges you.

For me, that means being close to water or the sun and being away from the daily ‘noise’, leaving my phone behind, and not being visible to my children, husband, or dog (who always manage to find me otherwise!). As a professional and parent about to undertake a renovation, there is always something else that I could be doing. But for me, once I made the conscious shift to take back time for me in the morning, even if it is just for ten minutes – I found that I started the day balanced, rather than stressed.



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