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Meet Andrew, ABA’s Founder & Director

Andrew Antonopolous

Meet Andrew, ABA’s Founder & Director

Meet Andrew, our founder and director at ABA Legal Group. Andrew was born and raised in Canada before moving to Belgium to work in the European Parliament while travelling around Europe and then settling his life halfway across the world on the beautiful Gold Coast.

After completing his university degrees, including Juris Doctor (Law) and Master of Laws, Andrew worked in various mid and top tier legal and accounting firms before establishing his own practice in an attempt to break the legal profession mould and disrupt his professional services industry.

“During my career, I always pursued the things I wanted, and the things that I knew would add value to my clients.  With larger firms it was difficult to always seek permission, instead I would ask forgiveness – with ABA we celebrate the pursuit of potential and if our intentions are aligned we don’t need permission or forgiveness.

Andrew is passionate about collaborating with his clients to decipher their goals and definition of success and map out and implement a strategic direction in pursuit of that definition of success.

With a myriad of experience supporting a diverse portfolio of global clients, Andrew has gained an exceptional breadth of knowledge which he consistently applies for the benefit of his clients.

Applying his knowledge and experience, Andrew has acquired a broad network of industry specialists and professionals whom he often works alongside to develop and implement the best strategic solutions to business challenges.

“We are holistic, with a breadth of skill that equips us to understand most industries and most impacts on businesses with clarity. We understand what we’re great at and onboard specialists for situations out of our scope so that we can round out our holistic approach to professional advice.”

After identifying an opportunity to significantly improve the R&D Tax Incentive industry, Andrew has also created a spin-out company, Synnch, which was developed to digitise, improve, and organically change the integrity and stakeholder mindset of the Government administered R&D Tax Incentive processes.

Although he is incredibly hardworking, Andrew always finds time to spend with his family and friends. This usually involves taking his twin daughters to the beach or for a hike or skateboarding with them through the southern end of the Gold Coast.

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