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The Endless Pursuit of Ethical Sustainability

The Endless Pursuit of Ethical Sustainability

The problem

As a society, we have learnt a lot from the global pandemic.  There have been huge impacts on everything from eCommerce to the local housing market. Spending all those months in lockdown also highlighted how easy it is to click a button and have just about anything delivered right to your door. But, what’s the true cost of our ever-increasing consumerism?

Unfortunately, higher demand means higher supply.  For some companies, it is definitely a profit over people mentality. Then there are companies like Outland Denim, whose mission is to create ethical and sustainable supply chains for beautiful garments. It’s just as easy to purchase an Outland Denim garment, but their approach to how that garment landed on your doorstep is very different.

Outland Denim’s push for change

It’s for this reason that we love working with Outland Denim and proudly announce their selection as Finalists in the World Justice Challenge Awards 2022.

Outland Denim has made it its mandate to fight the rise of exploitation and slavery of vulnerable communities when manufacturing clothing, and to provide opportunity and hope to those who need it most. Outland Denim has called it Sağ Salim meaning “Safe and sound” in Turkish.

Sağ Salim’s mission is not only to protect workers in manufacturing but to protect every person who has a hand in the manufacturing process, including cotton farming communities.

Sağ Salim is an ongoing due diligence program addressing critical supply chain transparency challenges for the most vulnerable workers in fashion’s raw material sourcing regions. The program operates in the local language (Turkish) and in the language of the largest migrant community (Arabic).

The program’s activities have included: releasing education and awareness content for local worker communities; creating a hotline and reporting centre for workers to report exploitation issues; briefing local suppliers on the issues identified and providing remediation recommendations; and engaging local and international stakeholders to raise awareness, inform the development of existing remediation programs, and generate collaboration.

We proudly support and champion Outland Denim who aim to make a genuine impact and change.

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