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Denim for Freedom | Outland Denim

Denim for Freedom | Outland Denim


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As a business that promotes and values innovation, courage and making a difference, it was only fitting that our paths collided with Outland Denim, a fashion company on the vanguard of the socially conscious manufacturing movement and making a change around social injustice, one pair of jeans at a time.

ABA is proud to share our newest partnership with Outland Denim who offer sustainable employment and training opportunities to women who have experienced exploitation with hopes of creating opportunity through empowerment and a holistic education.

Founder and CEO, James Bartle stopped by the ABA office and joined us for our monthly team event to share his story and his vision for the future with our team.



James spoke about the brand’s foundations and their journey to get where they are today because engaging in real conversations is where true change happens. We were educated on the anti-slavery movement and how each purchase from Outland Denim aids in the freedom of women. James inspired our team to look at the true value of the garments we wear and to do our part in creating a sustainable future.



Over the Christmas holidays, we surprised our staff with gift cards to Outland Denim to help support this truly worthy cause. For every gift card purchased, a woman somewhere in the world was provided with much needed health services and education. We also wear jeans here at ABA, so it worked perfectly with our anti-corporate uniform.



Although we come from two different industries, our values are still strongly aligned. Through our line of work, we are very fortunate to meet some very inspiring individuals who are in different stages of their business journey, and James is no exception. We are extremely excited for the next stage of Outland Denim and we can’t wait to be a part of their journey and watch their legacy unfold.



Visit Outland Denim here.


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