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Pursuing Potential

Pursuing Potential

Some of the greatest ideas come about when you least expect it.

When wondering how best to represent ABA Legal Group, Director Andrew Antonopoulos knew that the symbol of the bear truly grasped the value and purpose of ABA. In terms of design, the sleek linework represents simplicity and structure, a clear vision. With the angular style encompassing the strength and power of the bear, it was clear the logo was well aligned with everything ABA set out to achieve and become.

As it is family who knows us best, Andrew decided to consult an artistic family member to truly bring his vision to life – and so in Vancouver, Canada with a creative mind, ballpoint pen and a napkin, the branding so prevalent within the organisation today was created.

The bear is seen as a symbol of strength in the animal kingdom. The protector, the provider, the survivor. In hunting, he sees his target with a clear focus, through the trees and any obstacle that may be in his path and pursues it. ABA Legal group sees business from the same perspective, being agile in pursuing creative outcomes, courageous in endeavours and innovative in thinking to provide the best possible results for our team and our clients.

It is known that a predominant trait is the bear’s focus and perspective- unlike other predators who may be easily distracted from their goal. By focusing on a strong culture within our team (the root of our organisation) we can provide exceptional outcomes for our clients, who are the purpose behind what we do at ABA Legal Group.

The reason behind the bear’s choices and actions is family. He finds himself surrounded by those who embody the characteristics which give him strength, and in turn, they become stronger together. Having a team that is agile in thinking, collaborative in approach, balanced in work & life and courageous enough to always pursue potential is at the core of our values at ABA. Our purpose is led by those around us and our team is not solely here to support one person but to always support each other as a family.

You ask anyone to define themselves, and it’s perhaps one of the hardest questions to answer. What makes you who you are? What is your purpose? Everything starts with an idea, and from its inception, you must ask yourself these questions to truly understand the direction your business will be going in. Once you’ve figured it out, trying to convey all of that into an image is something else entirely. You may consult designers or perhaps try to tackle the task yourself. Or in our case (unexpectedly), connecting the dots on a napkin is the best way to discover how to represent who you are.


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