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Expert guidance to help your business maximise R&D Tax Incentive claims & Government Grants.

Improve cash flow, encourage business growth, attract better talent and continue innovating within your industry using the R&D Tax Incentive and consideration of other Government Grants your business might be eligible for.

What is the R&D Tax Incentive?

The Research and Development Tax Incentive is an Australian Government initiative supporting Australian businesses to create or develop new or improved products, systems and original solutions. Research and development (R&D) helps to boost competitiveness and improve productivity across the Australian economy, while the R&D Tax Incentive provides a targeted tax offset to encourage companies to engage in R&D in Australia.


Research and development involves conducting an experiment or trial to gain new knowledge. This knowledge is then used to direct the development of new or improved materials, products, devices, processes.

You do not have to be a scientist in a lab coat to be eligible; anyone making significant improvements or generating new knowledge in their field could be undertaking R&D.

Take our eligibility quiz to find out whether your business is eligible.


If you are an eligible company with a turnover of less than $20 million AUD, you could receive up to a 43.5% refundable offset through an R&D claim.

A non-refundable tax offset of 38.5% is also available for companies with an aggregate annual turnover of more than $20 million AUD.

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How we can support your business

Our R&D Tax advisors are dedicated to maximising your claim and achieving the best possible outcomes for your business. We do this by supporting you every step of the way, making the process of reporting and claiming the R&D Tax Incentive simple.

By successfully claiming the R&D Incentive, you will be well placed to continue funding research and development to improve your product or service, generating more innovation for your business and for the Australian economy.

We make it simple

R&D claims can be complex, but not with ABA. Our team is here to help you every step of the way – from assessing eligibility and reviewing expenditure to preparing documents and lodging your claim.

Get more cashback

Our consultants work hard to ensure the maximum amount of eligible expenditure can be claimed, ensuring we achieve the best possible outcomes for your business.

100% success rate

Our clients are important to us, which is why we are dedicated to protecting our 100% success rate with preparation and lodgement of R&D Tax Incentive claims. If your claim is due, we promise it will be lodged on time.

Our R&D Tax Specialists can assist with:

  • Specialist advice in relation to technical R&D tax matters.
  • Documentation to support technical R&D tax positions.
  • Review and preparation of opinions on complex R&D Tax matters, audit and integrity provisions and audit support services.
  • Strategic and holistic solutions incorporating tax, legal and accounting concepts.
  • Preparation and lodgement of R&D Tax Incentive claims, including, but not limited to:
    • Analysis and assessment of the eligibility of an R&D project and associated activities and expenditure; and
    • Preparation and lodgement of R&D Tax Incentive applications and associated R&D Tax Incentive Tax Return Schedule.
  • Supporting Documentation and Substantiation, including R&D Tax Advice where required.
  • Overseas / Advance Findings.
  • Audit assistance.

We work with our clients on a range of other government grants as they become available. Reach out to learn more about government grants you may be eligible for and how they can help you to achieve your business goals.

Maximise your R&D claim and invest more money back into your business.

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Our R&D Tax Incentive specialists

Led by Renee Levings and Sofia Braybrook, our R&D Tax Team operates with an exceptional understanding of government grants and extensive experience successfully claiming them on behalf of clients.

As Head of R&D Technical, Renee brings experience as both a scientific researcher in Biotechnology and over 11 years as an R&D Tax Specialist. These experiences have given her a unique perspective on R&D and allow her to utilise a highly technical skillset to the advantage of our clients.

Working closely with Renee, Sofia leads the rest of the R&D Team to help clients achieve exceptional outcomes. With a deep understanding of government grants, Sofia and the team know what it takes to optimise the R&D Tax Incentive and will be there to help you further your innovations or successfully achieve commercialisation.

Pursue your business potential from every angle.

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