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Who is ABA?

Who is ABA?

The ABA story is one of determination, ambition and continual evolution, but who is ABA Legal Group?

Whenever you mention the words, ‘Legal Group’ or ‘Law Firm’ a natural assumption leaps to mind. More often than not you think of suits, acronyms and getting charged a premium for the soft drink beverages in the Boardroom. This perception is the very thing Founder and Director Andrew Antonopolous wanted to break when starting ABA legal Group. Whilst the name might suggest a typical Law Firm, ABA is anything but typical. Andrew decided early on that he would focus on emerging industries that needed support in their pursuit of innovation and ground breaking technology. This support came largely through giving these Companies access to:

  1. The R&D Tax Incentive
  2. Next level Business, Corporate & Tax Advisory services.

These two very clear and distinct service offerings were chosen intentionally to provide Companies with end to end support in their pursuit of funding their outrageous dreams, while providing considered advice that would protect them along the way.

Let’s be honest, transaction flows through relationships, and relationships are built on trust. None is more true than in the space of R&D and Business Advisory. You have to place a great deal of trust in a team to navigate the tricky waters of the R&D Tax Incentive legislation while achieving a healthy R&D Tax Incentive claim. Then comes the Corporate Governance and Legal considerations that assists with correct entity structure and investment allocation. The effectiveness of these two considerations executed seamlessly has proven to be a game changer for Companies all over Australia and abroad.

Check out the video below that showcases how ABA has impacted some of the coolest and most innovative Companies going around right now!



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