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Do You Need Protection?

Do You Need Protection?

Businesses can benefit from protecting their intellectual property in a myriad ways. But what is intellectual property? There are many kinds of intellectual property, but these days, branding is one of the most common forms. In fact, creating a successful brand is extremely important to your business as this is the first point of contact with your target market and distinguishes you from the crowd. Because of that, the rest of this blog focusses on your branding.

Branding is the customer touchpoint that doesn’t just communicate what you do, but more importantly who you are.  This alignment is what connects with your audience and helps them understand the “why” behind the “what”. This becomes the engine room for your Business and therefore is incredibly important to protect.

Why protect your brand?

Trade mark protection reduces risk: Registering a trade mark ensures that your ownership is publicised, which reduces the risk of external use. You do not want to lose control of your intellectual property!

Trade marks illustrate value: Never is this truer than when selling a business, merging or planning to take on investors. In all these cases, your branding can be valued to drive up to your asking price.

Strong branding attracts and retains talent and strategic partnerships: Employees, contractors and partners are attracted to strong brands. Why? We care about reputation and brands build reputation. Brands indicate value, importance and influence—why would you leave this unprotected?

Strong branding stimulates growth and innovation: With high-value, protected branding comes outside interest. Use that to help your business to grow—attract clients, buyers, partners and innovation.

Trade mark protection facilitates control: Trade marking your brand helps you control where it goes, who uses it and how you are remunerated for it and how it is monitored.

Brand protection helps enforce your rights: Registering your brand with intellectual property Australia allows you to stop others exploiting your intellectual property.

All businesses, whether small or large should consider trade mark protection. Frequently, it is the cornerstone of a well-rounded corporate structure. For example, if you have a business built on reputation, have a website, or sell goods and services, trade marks will add value to your business.

What does trademarking protect?

Although trademarking most commonly covers words and logos, you can protect a many other branding elements. These include:

  • Look and feel
  • Video/music
  • Graphics
  • Applications
  • Web interfaces
  • Packaging
  • Social media content
  • Branding Colours

All these assets require careful protection. The more you rely on them, the more you should consider protecting them.

“Ok, I see the value in trademarking, what next?”

If you can see the value in protecting your branding, whether it is a brand name, logo, a phrase or design, get in touch with Tammi for a free initial consultation.

We are here to discuss the needs of your business, help you protect your brand and demonstrate real value to your stakeholders.

In addition, if you would like outside information about protecting your intellectual property, you can find informative resources online through IP Australia.

Co-written by Kurt Fechner.

The information contained in this blog is general in nature and should not be considered to be legal, tax, accounting, consulting or any other professional advice. In all cases, you should consult with a professional advisor familiar with your factual situation for advice concerning specific matters before making any decisions. By reading this blog, you confirm your understanding of this disclaimer.

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